We are a group of experienced Psychodynamic Counsellors and we are here to help you explore the difficulties you are experiencing.

Located across Hertfordshire, we offer weekly sessions.  During the COVID crisis, we are offering online counselling via Zoom.  This means that you can speak to one of our therapists in the comfort of your own home or other safe, confidential space at the same time each week.  Psychodynamic Counselling is a collaborative process between you and your counsellor.  At your own pace, we will explore the difficulties you are having right now and look at how your past experiences may be affecting the feelings you are having.  Once you get in touch, we can often offer you a first session within a few days.  We are members of the BACP and abide by their code of ethics.

Kelly Baker

Hi my name is Kelly. Each of us faces difficult times in life.  If the difficulty you’re having at the moment feels overwhelming and you are struggling to find a way forward, you may have thought about getting some support.  Through building a relationship based on confidentiality and trust, together we can explore a way through and feel more confident to face life’s obstacles.  It doesn’t matter what brings you to counselling, my approach will be to make you feel comfortable enough to share what’s on your mind, at your own pace. I have experience in helping people who are having troubles following a bereavement as well as those experiencing anxiety or depression due to relationship or family difficulties. 

To contact Kelly:
Tel. 07485 602 353

Christina Johnson

I work with people who are navigating life’s ups and downs. Perhaps you are managing change or feeling stuck, burnt out or are uncertain about what to do. Maybe you’re in a relationship you wish was different or are wondering why relationships don’t seem to work out for you. You might be struggling with loss, personal or professional, or maybe you are finding things difficult with your family, friends or work colleagues. Perhaps you’re finding that the Covid-19 crisis has changed things for you and you want to explore your thinking about what that means for you and your future. Or it could be you don’t know what you’re feeling but you know something isn’t right; you’re numb or burnt out, frazzled and disconnected. 

It might be all, some or none of these things but if you know that something isn’t quite right, then having someone to talk to can help. Psychodynamic counselling supports you with understanding difficult feelings, helps you think about where they might have come from, helps you identify who you really are and enables you to come back into alignment if you have been feeling disconnected from your values.

The process isn’t easy but we will work through and understand things together over time and, by doing that, will facilitate and effect positive change for you. Utilising the right approach for your dilemma allows us to think about and address the source of pain, anxiety and burn out.

Given my training, I do work short-term on specific goal-oriented issues, and also offer longer-term therapy where the areas to work on are still unclear and might need further exploration.

My work is driven by curiosity, compassion and integrity. We both show up to the work as whole people, and work collaboratively to build the best approach for you. The material you bring forms the ground, and my skills and experience map the journey. We make that journey together.

To contact Christina:
Tel. 07852 297521

Angela Turley

Are you feeling overwhelmed or troubled? You may be experiencing relationship difficulties with a partner, family member or at work. Are you feeling lonely or sad or experiencing low self-confidence? Maybe you are dealing with trust issues, depression, trauma or bereavement. Whatever your reason for seeking counselling, my goal is to provide you with a confidential and non-judgemental space to share whatever is on your mind. 

My name is Angela. My counselling room at ‘Converge Therapy’ is in Welwyn Garden City, although all sessions are currently being held online via Zoom or over the telephone.

Counselling will give you the space and time each week to focus on what you need and why you are experiencing your current feelings or situation. I will work with you to help you gain clarity and insight and to look at the roots of your issue. My highly developed listening skills will enable me to help you make links and together we will work to increase your self-awareness. 

To contact Angela:
Tel. 07890 760 231

Therapy Today found that most people (80%) say they feel better after seeing a counsellor.