Our Mission

Our mission is to support and develop high potential and high performing women on their transition out of and back into the workplace during maternity, so they feel confident, empowered and able to enjoy a healthy, happy work-parenting balance. This is delivered through 1-1 maternity and career development coaching and line manager group programmes so that companies retain top talent, encourage a diverse team and boost employee satisfaction.

Converge is leading a holistic approach towards women’s career development, personal growth & leadership and managing maternity and gender culture in the workplace.

We believe working mothers who continue to develop their corporate careers and achieve a healthy work-parenting balance are great role models.

Converge draws together coaching techniques, methodologies and exercises to create unique programmes that provide effective solutions designed specifically for your organisation.







I’m mad about my gorgeous dog Jonathan, practice yoga as much as I can and love a glass of red wine and a good book.

As a diagonal thinker with a love of all kinds of puzzles from Sudoku to crime dramas, it occurred to me one day (after much soul searching) that my zone of genius lies in finding solutions.

After many years in the corporate world, I created Converge to find solutions for the problems facing women today: gender bias and pay gaps, too few positive role models balancing career and family life and a lack of clear communication and effective boundaries in the workplace.

I wanted to bridge the gap between professional career development for women, personal life coaching and holistic therapies to ensure balance and success in all areas of mind, body, career and finance. I believe there is a need to bring all these elements together in a way that helps women to regain and maintain their personal identity throughout their personal and professional lives.

With a 20 year background in generalist HR, strategic learning & development, and various commercial roles across FMCG, management consulting, banking, market research and professional services I realised my passion lay in coaching individuals and teams to achieve their goals.

After studying for a formal qualification with the Academy of Executive Coaching, I set up an in-house coaching practice with a City law firm. My work there focused on team culture, talent management, organisation design, performance improvement and promotion and progression for mid-career lawyers.

But I still knew something was missing in unlocking women’s true potential.

So I took my love of exploring human potential and holistic systems to the next level and qualified in NLP and MBTI, studied embodied relational yoga therapy with Kate Ellis, career coaching with John Lees and organisation design with the Gestalt Centre.

My approach is now firmly grounded in integrative and somatic coaching methodologies and ensures whole person solutions to help you realise your personal and professional ambitions.


“My goal is to become known as an expert in the field of managing maternity in the workplace and promoting seamless transitions between the corporate world and family life.” – Christina Johnson




For Companies

Investing in your employees makes everybody’s lives easier and better. It’s as simple as that.

Employees who feel appreciated are more likely to remain loyal to your organisation which means you retain your investment on recruiting and training top talent, while ensuring your clients are happy and you continue to increase profits.

Organisations who support working parents create a creative, committed and diverse workforce of top talent and earn themselves a reputation of excellence as an employer.

Converge works in partnership with your organisation to ensure employees receive the individual maternity coaching necessary to create a healthy, happy work-parenting balance and maintain a long and successful career. Our group training programmes for teams and line managers ensure everyone feels supported, understood and able to communicate clearly and effectively. When boundaries and expectations are clear, the working environment feels more harmonious and balanced.

Contact us for a bespoke consultation or to arrange in-house coaching.

“When we invest in women and girls, we are investing in the people who invest in everyone else.”
Melinda Gates

For Parents

As a parent trying to balance work and a new baby or young family, you might sometimes feel like something has to give. You simply can’t cope with the level of stress, the expectation to be both a perfect employee and a perfect mum, and, of course, the severe lack of sleep.


For some mothers, giving up work for a few years feels like the right thing to do. But what if you’re not one of those mothers?

• What if you love your career and would really like to be promoted regularly and achieve director or partner status?
• What if you are passionate about your work and are dedicated to becoming a positive role model in the workplace for high-performing mothers?
• What if you’re determined not to fall at the first hurdle and give up the career you dreamed of, and worked hard for, for so long?

Imagine if there was a way you could find a harmonious balance between raising your family and successfully maintaining a high-level professional career.
Well, this is where our unique blend of coaching, training and techniques can help you.

Through 1-1 maternity and career development coaching, we can help you to:

• Create realistic and sustainable schedules for professional development.
• Build a support network.
• Negotiate confidently and sensibly to reframe contracts with HR.
• Manage emotional and physical changes during pregnancy, maternity leave and on your return to work.
• Encourage positive corporate team culture and remove gender bias.

We work with you to find solutions to current problems, focus on tangible results and create clear plans of action.

This helps you to get clear on your goals and strengths, unlock your potential and achieve the successful outcome that fuels your drive and determination every single day.


If you’re a woman who…
• Has fallen out of love with what you’re doing and wants help to find your way back to soul-satisfying work.
• Has high potential but are unsure of your next step and career direction.
• Has plans to start a family and wants to create effective boundaries and strategy in the workplace in advance.

… then you’re in the right place!

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Christina Johnson

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