“When we invest in women and girls, we are investing in the people who invest in everyone else.”

Investing in your employees helps you create a positive work culture and retain the best talent. Everyone is happier – employees remain positive, client relationships deepen, the work keeps coming in, and the business builds a vital, sustainable model that supports its growth into the future.

Employees who feel appreciated will remain loyal to your organisation which enables you to retain your investment in recruiting and training, while ensuring that clients are happy and you continue to increase profits. Organisations who support women and working parents construct a creative, committed, high-functioning and diverse workforce and earn a reputation of excellence as employers.

Converge works in partnership with organisations to ensure employees receive the individual maternity coaching necessary to create a healthy, happy work-parenting balance and maintain a long and successful career. Our group training programmes for teams and line managers ensure everyone feels supported, understood and able to communicate clearly and effectively. When boundaries and expectations are clear, the working environment becomes more harmonious and balanced.

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Employees who feel appreciated will remain loyal to your organisation