As a parent trying to balance work and a new baby or young family, you might sometimes feel like something has to give. You simply can’t cope with the level of stress, the expectation to be both a perfect employee and a perfect mum, and, of course, the severe lack of sleep.

For some mothers, giving up work for a few years feels like the right thing to do. But what if you’re not one of those mothers?

• What if you love your career and would really like to be promoted regularly and achieve director or partner status?

• What if you are passionate about your work and are dedicated to becoming a positive role model in a workplace for high-performing women?

• What if you are determined not to fall at this hurdle and give up the career you dreamed of, and worked hard for, for so long?

Imagine if there was a way you could find a harmonious balance between raising your family and successfully maintaining a high-level professional career.

Well, this is where our unique blend of coaching, training and techniques can help you.

Through 1-1 career development and maternity coaching, we can help you to:

• Create realistic and sustainable professional development programmes bespoke to you.

• Build a support network.

• Negotiate confidently and sensibly to reframe expectations with line management, colleagues and clients.

• Manage emotional changes during pregnancy, maternity leave and on your return to work.

• Encourage positive corporate team culture and remove gender bias.

We work with you to find solutions to current problems, focus on tangible results and create clear plans of action.

This means you get clear on your goals and strengths, unlock your potential and achieve the successful outcome that fuels your drive and determination every single day.

If you’re a woman who…

• Has fallen out of love with what you’re doing and wants help to find your way back to soul-satisfying work,

• Has high potential but are unsure of your next step and career direction, or

• Has plans to start a family and wants to create effective boundaries and strategy in the workplace in advance …

… then you’re in the right place!

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